Thank you Lovsin Family

Impacted by childhood cancer, a wonderful family continues to give back to the Kids with Cancer Society in so many ways.

The Lovsin Family has been long connected and intertwined with the Kids with Cancer Society. When Mike and Gloria’s 13-year-old daughter Maria was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, the whole family quickly joined the Kids with Cancer Society community. As Mike, Gloria, and siblings Madeline and Paul moved through Maria’s cancer journey, the Kids with Cancer Society impact was so great, that the family became advocates and ambassadors for the Society. In 2013, Maria became the host child for two of the Society’s signature fundraising events, Revving up for Kids Motorcycle Adventure and the Beaded Journey Gala. Life has come full circle for Maria. What started out as a child thrust into the world of cancer has beautifully weaved into a young woman who wants to give back. Maria is studying to become a Child Life Specialist so that she can share her empathy, knowledge and experiences with children who are embarking on a journey and will need understanding and support that only a childhood cancer survivor can give. 

The Lovsin generosity continues through their family business, Freson Bros., and is demonstrated time and time again. Mike and his team continually support Kids with Cancer Society events by making sure our donors, participants, sponsors, families and friends are well looked after with Freson Bros catering and hospitality.

The family generosity does not stop with Mike and Gloria.  Mike’s parents, Frank and Agnes Lovsin are also amazing supporters to the Kids with Cancer Society. They understand the importance of children diagnosed with cancer needing to have positive experiences as well as the opportunity to just be kids. Their support of our Beaded Journey Gala Dream Experiences has given many kids with cancer and their families memorable and joyous times they will never forget. Frank and Agnes’s compassion comes from a place of deep understanding and for this, we are truly grateful.

Thank you for your generous support!

To see your child smile, to know that you are not alone, that there are so many people who share and care is not only heart-warming but unbelievably over-whelming.

Kayla’s family


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