What does a grocery store, a Stony Plain family and your empties have in common?

We have all heard the saying "six degrees of separation", meaning that all of us can essentially count 5 links that connect us with another person.  Add a childhood cancer diagnosis and that degree of connection often takes even fewer links to connect families. 

Bottle drives are a way to allow all of us to give and, collectively, make a significant impact for providing ongoing funding. 
Enter the Lovsin family’s Freson Bros. Fresh Market locations around Northern Alberta. 

The Lovsin family is no stranger to childhood cancer. At 13, Mike and Gloria Lovsin’s daughter, Maria, was diagnosed with cancer. She is a healthy and beautiful young woman today and the entire Lovsin family continues to be staunch supporters of KWCS. 

When a bottle drive was planned for Stony Plain, Freson Bros. generously offered their location for the day of the drive. Next a local family offered to “champion” the bottle drive - the Martin family. 

As it turns out, Aaron Martin is employed with Freson Bros. in Stony Plain! Small world, right?
These two families have experienced what few others can even fathom.
But the Lovsin family didn't stop there! They have also offered their Grande Prairie and Hinton locations as well (times/dates to be confirmed).  The Fort Saskatchewan Freson Bros. bottle drive raised $2,400 earlier this year.
Cancer doesn't quit, and neither do we!  Not just a fundraising slogan..........they are words we live by at KWCS.
Some special thanks to the most recent bottle drive locations!
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    Together we can make a difference in the life of a child with cancer.

    To see your child smile, to know that you are not alone, that there are so many people who share and care is not only heart-warming but unbelievably over-whelming.

    Kayla’s family


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