Who are you staying home for?

As we all take steps to limit the spread of COVID-19 by physical-distancing and adjusting to a whole new world within our homes, it’s easy to be pulled back and forth from feelings of gratitude to stress, from hope to despair and back again. This is truly an unprecedented time, and every single one of us is feeling challenged in some shape or form, to say the least. 

We at the Kids with Cancer Society wish to express our gratitude for everyone that is adhering to public health initiatives to stay home and help “flatten the curve”. Everyone has a loved one that COVID-19 could pose a threat to, and especially those families of children fighting cancer.

Together, we can help to protect those vulnerable to the spread of this pandemic. Even though we’re far apart, what better time to illuminate our collective courage in dealing with such a trying time? To honour our immuno-suppressed loved ones, the Kids with Cancer Society is asking you the question: Who are you staying home for? 

We’ve created an interactive Facebook frame for our community to recognize those especially vulnerable to COVID-19. Post the KWCS photo frame with a picture of who you “stay home for” and share it on social media.

To use the frame, follow this link, click “change picture” and upload an image of your loved one(s). Then click “Use as Profile Picture”.

Alternatively, edit your profile picture, upload an image of your loved one(s), then select “Add Frame”. In the search bar, search “Kids with Cancer Society – #IStayHomeFor”, select the frame, and click “Use as Profile Picture”. 

 Feel free to save your image and repost it on other platforms, too! Just be sure to tag us, and use our hashtags (#kwcsyeg and #IStayHomeFor) so we can see it.

We applaud all the tireless frontline workers in health care, essential services, and every person that is staying in isolation to do their part.

From our home to yours, thank you!