Camp Beat It

CAMP BEAT IT: Family Camp, 4 day weekend
CAMP KINDLE: Ages 6-17, week long
CAMP SUNRISE: Ages 6 & younger, day camp

Camp Beat It (Family Camp)
Normally held each September long weekend at Camp He Ho Ha, this four-day weekend provides an indoor camping experience for families who are at various stages of the disease and survivorship. Activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, mini golf and, family dances. At the end of the weekend many of the families leave the camp with a sense that they are not alone in the fight against childhood cancer. It also provides newly diagnosed families with a feeling of hope as they see children who have survived the disease.

Camp Beat It was established by Parent Sheila Ethier and is made possible in part by the Ralph Jr. Memorial Fund and the Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Assistance Fund

Camp Kindle
The Kids with Cancer Society provides funding for all Northern Alberta children with cancer, and their siblings to attend Camp Kindle. This weeklong program, delivered by the Kids Cancer Care Foundation, is available for children aged 6 to 17. Funding is also provided for younger children to attend Camp Sunrise a day camp in Edmonton