This is Nora.

Your donations make a huge impact on children and their families, Nora’s family is just one of them.

Nora’s Story
In November of 2017 our lives were turned upside down when our six year old daughter Nora, was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Nora went from the happy, energetic life of a first grader to a life of hospital stays, daily medications, and chemotherapy overnight. She’s had to endure so much in the last 19 months, including 43 rounds of chemotherapy, IVAD surgery, numerous blood transfusions, and many invasive tests and procedures. Throughout it all the Kids with Cancer Society has been a constant support and provides some degree of normalcy during this life changing journey. From amazing family events to financial and school support, they have helped us feel like we are not alone. Nora’s Beaded Journey is already twice as tall as she is and still growing. Her beads are a way she can share everything she has been through, but can’t quite explain. Nora continues to go through treatment, but has been able to return to many of the things she loves such as swimming and gymnastics. Nora is an amazing and strong girl who, even at this young age, is passionate about helping other kids and giving back to the Kids with Cancer Society.


Beaded Journey Gala

Learn more about our much-anticipated 15th Annual Beaded Journey Gala – March 13, 2020!

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