Meet Mighty Aven – Warrior Princess and Sunshine Girl

Aven is one of 2 rainbow babies born into a family that struggled with secondary infertility. Rainbow babies are those born to a couple after that couple has experienced the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage, still birth or death in infancy.

For many years, she was prayed and wished for. With the help of modern medical technology, Aven and her twin were born at a much anticipated and celebrated time for the family.

It was a devastating blow when, at age 6, doctors diagnosed her with medulloblastoma. She lived with the painful condition of hydrocephalus, until she had an emergency operation to relieve the pressure to her brain. Aven is crushing it in all aspects of her life. Her strength is awe inspiring.

Aven has endured 3 surgeries, 30 radiation treatments, and had 9 rounds of chemotherapy. Courageously, she has faced sometimes painful medical procedures on a regular basis. These are referred to as jobs or tasks. Every time she has a hard job to do, she knows that she will have a bead to commemorate that accomplishment. Her beads represent her treatments, her interventions, and her experiences in this battle for health.

Motivated by little gifts and surprises, she continues to look forward to collecting her beads. Like many children who endure this critical illness, she somehow manages to smile and send out this beautiful light.

The Kids with Cancer Society is a support for the families of the children diagnosed with cancer. Balancing both incalculable assistance with practical resources, the Kids with Cancer Society manages to stand out for its tailor-made approach.

– Jacqueline, Aven’s mom

Watch Aven’s Beaded Journey video, generously donated by Global Edmonton HERE.

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