Jacob Farnsworth – Youngest Tour Cyclist

Jacob Farnsworth is the youngest cyclist on our Tour of Hope At Home team this year. At the young age of 15, Jacob set out as a guest cyclist with the Grande Prairie group in late July. Jacob cycled 4 days and fundraised over $2000 for children with cancer.

We asked this young man a couple of questions:

What motivated you to do the Tour of Hope At Home ride this year? At first I just wanted to do some cycling and when I joined Jason, Ruben and Nathan and listened to their stories, I realized that it was about much more than just the bike ride and I was inspired to do more. I had people donating money based upon how far I went on the tour, so I wanted to do as much as I could. I look forward to going even farther next year and raising even more money for this great cause.

How does it feel knowing you are helping children and also youth your age who are battling cancer?

It’s not fair that anyone should have to go through Cancer and the treatments. Knowing that I’ve made a little bit of a difference to a family struggling with this disease makes me happy.
Check out Jacob’s Tour of Hope At Home personal fundraising page for more!