Cancer in the Classroom

Supported by: Morris Family Foundation in honour of children like Mackenzie Lewis

Providing school support for children with cancer

Why Cancer in the Classroom?

A fun, interactive presentation that allows students to have a safe place to talk about cancer, their concerns and ask questions. Cancer in the Classroom offers an opportunity to clarify misconceptions, dispel myths and ease fears about cancer. In the end everyone has a better understanding and feels more in control.

How we can help

  • Define cancer and explain treatments
  • Familiarize peers to the ‘why’ behind cancer
  • Normalize the word cancer and its use in conversation
  • Decrease uncertainty and the unknown about cancer
  • Empower peers with information and awareness

What we offer

  • Communication with teachers and students
  • Individual developmentally appropriate classroom visits
  • Emotional support in transitions
  • Cancer specific awareness
  • Strategies to build friendships

Potential Challenges in Returning to School?

  • School absences: clinic and treatment visits
  • Changes in appearance: hair loss, weight gain, IVAD 
  • Physical limitations: lower energy levels, increased fatigue, and compromised immune systems 
  • Need for special treatment: food in class, extra attention or time to do school work
  • What to say to peers: misunderstandings, myths and many questions to answer

Cancer in the Classroom contact:
Dianne Tuterra
Child Life Specialist
Kids with Cancer Society
P: 780.686.5174