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Kids with Cancer Society

Providing school & home-based support for all students with learning difficulties

Challenges During and After Cancer Treatment

  • Some types of cancer and cancer treatments can lead to learning disabilities.
  • Students may experience different effects and challenges with learning.
  • Difficulties may include: inattention, slowed information processing speed, and trouble with organization, reading math skills, and coping with stress.

Why BrainWorks?

  • The Kids with Cancer Society recognizes that education is part of the foundation for a healthy future. 
  • Students with learning disabilities benefit from access to additional resources and supports. 
  • Close communication between families, hospital and school staff is essential for students with learning disabilities. 

How We Can Help

  • School Liaising
    – Bridging communication between school and medical staff
    – Recommendations to build on your student’s strengths
  • Counselling Services
    – Supports with coping strategies
    – Supports with behaviours and social skill building
    – Psycho-education and assistive technology supports
  • Assistive Technology Funding
  • Summer Skills Building Program
  • Parent Workshops

Our Objective

  • To provide clinical and practical support for kids and families as they navigate cancer treatment or cope with cognitive late effects.
  • By increasing supports for students regarding changes in academic performance.
  • Educating students and families about programs and assistive technologies that are available.
  • Facilitating communication between hospitals, schools and parents.
  • Providing access to experts who can help develop individualized coping supports for students.


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