Helping Every Student Develop Tools That Work

Returning to school can be challenging while going through treatment and even later, long after treatment has ended. The Kids with Cancer Society supported BrainWorks program is here to help families and schools discover tools that work for all students.

Fostering Communication Between Parents & Schools

  • Support with IPP goals and collaboration with school teams
  • Education regarding learning issues related to
    diagnosis and treatment
  • School visits

Building Resilience and Coping Skills

  • Mindfulness to help with attention and focus
  • Emotional Regulation Skills
  • Individual Therapy
  • BrainWorks Groups

Assistive Technology

  • Supports for teachers, parents & students
  • Assessment, trials, and strategies to support
    access to curriculum
  • Implementation of technology

Skills Building

  • Attention and study skills support
  • Growth mindset training
  • Memory building skills
  • Developing social skills and self-awareness


  • Advocating on behalf of students and families within
    schools and their community
  • Parent Groups and Multidisciplinary Meetings
  • School meetings and visits

For more information on BrainWorks, please contact:

Ainsley Ferguson
BrainWorks Administrative Coordinator