Providing the necessary tools to help families cope with the demands of treatment and to minimize family disruption and related stress.

Art Program

This fun program allows both the children and their family to express their thoughts and emotions through art.

Camp Beat It (Family Camp)

Held each September long weekend at Camp He Ho Ha, this four-day weekend provides an indoor camping experience for families who are at various stages of the disease and survivorship. Activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, mini golf and, family dances. At the end of the weekend many of the families leave the camp with a sense that they are not alone in the fight against childhood cancer. It also provides newly diagnosed families with a feeling of hope as they see children who have survived the disease.

Camp Beat was established by Parent Sheila Ethier and is made possible in part by the Ralph Jr. Memorial Fund and the Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Assistance Fund

Camp Kindle

The Kids with Cancer Society provides funding for all Northern Alberta children with cancer, and their siblings to attend Camp Kindle. This weeklong program, delivered by the Kids Cancer Care Foundation, is available for children aged 6 to 17. Funding is also provided for younger children to attend Camp Sunrise, a day camp in Edmonton

Can Do Survivors Group

Participants are adult survivors of childhood cancer who are living with cognitive late effects related to their cancer treatments. The objective is to bring these adults together in a safe and supportive environment where they can meet, talk and learn with other people who are experiencing the same types of daily challenges.

Christmas Party

Established by parent Sheila Ethier more than 30 years ago this is our most popular support program. Attended by more than 500 people families enjoy an afternoon of rides at West Edmonton Mall Galaxyland followed by lunch, a visit from the Edmonton Eskimos and of course Santa. A wonderful opportunity to interact with others who are living with childhood cancer to gain support and courage.

The 2019 Christmas party is funded by Bruce Hagstrom with support provided by West Edmonton Mall and the Edmonton Eskimos

Family Movie Night

A private showing of a movie in a local theatre for the entire family.

Pampered Parents’ Night

Understandably, the needs of parents are often put on hold while caring for the child. Once a year an opportunity to participate in self care is provided which include massages, wellness activities and a home cooked meal.

Special Celebrations

Illness and hospitalization often robs the child of participating in activities that we all take for granted. Easter and Halloween parties are held at the Kids with Cancer Society so that children can participate in fun activities in a safe environment

Secret Santa

In December the Kids with Cancer Society is transformed into Santa’s workshop as children secretly select gifts for their siblings and parents. While children shop parents select a variety of baked goods and socialize with other families.

Teen Activities

It is hard enough being a teenager but add to that the challenges associated with childhood cancer. Each month special activities are planned that connect teens in order to share and learn more from common experiences

Twenty-Plus Survivors Group

The need to relate to one’s peers is important both during and after treatment. This group focus on survivors in their twenties who have unique needs that cannot be addressed through adolescent support groups.