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Child Biographies


Elizabeth 2014 WebElizabeth is not your typical 11 year old. She is a keen writer, avid reader, accomplished actor, and Taekwondo practitioner. She can rattle off facts about historical events and create baked goods so meticulously decorated that you don’t want to eat them. Elizabeth is also a dedicated and caring big sister and a bright light in countless people’s lives.

Elizabeth’s cancer journey began at age 9, when her parents noticed an unusual lump in her neck. After a series of inconclusive tests, she was scheduled for a right thyroid lobectomy. Dressed in hospital green-striped pajamas, Elizabeth’s radiant smile comforted her parents who still held firm to the belief that “as long as it’s not cancer, everything will be OK”. Yet on June 13, 2012, Elizabeth’s surgeon called with life-changing news; he verified that the mysterious lump was follicular thyroid carcinoma, which has since necessitated four major surgeries, one round of radiation therapy (possibly more), countless follow-up tests, as well as ongoing hormone therapy.

Elizabeth has taken this new reality in stride with grace and composure. After a life-threatening hematoma and emergency surgery, she requested holding her three week old brother. With tiny Sam bundled in her arms, Elizabeth kissed his forehead and whispered in his ear: “Sami, if I don’t make it, I want you to remember that your big sister loved you very much”.

The opportunities that the Kids with Cancer Society have provided Elizabeth and her family have been central not only in overcoming, but growing past the cancer experience. The friendly and knowledgeable staff serve as inspirations and role-models to numerous families!


Antoine G14 WebAntoine was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2013 when he was 11 years old. Antoine is in grade 7 and his favourite subject is Math. Antoine enjoys playing guitar, Lego and video games. He also likes the Lord of the Rings movies and playing outside with his friends. When he grows up, Antoine would like to be an engineer.






Sara B14 WebSara is 6 years old and was diagnosed with ALL when she was 2 years old. Sara is in Kindergarten and loves playtime at school. Her favourite colour is pink and she loves the movie Frozen. When she grows up, Sara wants to be an Ice Princess.