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Short-Term Accommodation

The Kids with Cancer Society supports children with cancer and their families in Northern Alberta and the NWT. As a result, many families travel long distances seeking treatment and follow-up for their child.

Imagine the financial strain a family feels when one or more parents have to quit their jobs—a reality for the majority of our families. Now imagine the additional financial stress if your family doesn’t live close to a children’s hospital. When you factor in time away from home and possibly time away from other family members, travel logistics, and travel and accommodation expenses, it can pile on significant amounts of additional stress during a time in life when stress is likely already at an all-time high.

Therefore, the Society is making an effort to bridge the gap in short-term accommodation through a pilot project. When no other option exists, we are currently providing families with funding for overnight accommodation when they travel a significant distance to access treatment for their sick child.

For families interested in taking part in the program, please contact your social worker.

If you’d like to donate to the program or get involved in some way, please contact Val Figliuzzi at or 780-496-2459 to begin a conversation.