Kids With Cancer Society

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Enhancing Hospital Care

Over the years, the Kids with Cancer Society has been instrumental in funding more than 7 pilot projects aimed at enhancing the care provided in the hospital environment. These programs include research opportunities, psychosocial support, and clinical trials. After demonstrating that these programs were “essential services,” the Society successfully negotiated with Alberta Health Services to assume funding of these important programs and services. In addition to advocacy, the Society also provides the following programming to enhance care.

Chemotherapy and radiation used to treat the child very often cause cognitive learning difficulties. In an effort to ensure that these children have the same opportunities as their peers this program works with parents and children to determine if the child is experiencing learning difficulties due to the late effects of treatment and if so create a plan for support. We also work with the schools ensure they are aware of the child’s needs and to work with the families to help them learn to cope with these challenges.  We are pleased to share that the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation provides us with a significant annual grant in support of this vital program.

Professional Development 
In order to ensure that our children are receiving quality care it is vitally important that pediatric oncology staff are provided with the opportunity to grow in their profession and keep abreast of new developments and advances. We provide funds to facilitate attendance at conferences and workshops.

Teen Room
Recognizing the unique needs of the teenager with cancer, the Teen Room, located next to the oncology unit, was upgraded with the support of the Kids with Cancer Society. Each year the Society provides funding to ensure the Teen Room continues to provide an environment that provides teens with an opportunity and outlet to share their experiences, gain support, and have fun.

The Dr. Paul Grundy Lectureship
Bringing in renowned pediatric oncology physicians and researchers to enhance the current area of expertise through learning opportunities that will be translated into quality standard care benefiting children, family and caregivers.

Patient Education 
Aimed at providing families with immediate access to essential medical information throughout the various stages of the treatment. Resources include medical handbook and textbooks providing a quick reference to information specific to the treatment of their child.

Music Therapy
Playing instruments and expressing themselves through music helps divert the child’s attention and reduce their anxiety during difficult procedures. The music therapist works with children of all ages and to create a calming and supportive environment.