Kids With Cancer Society

Hope now & for the future!


The Kids with Cancer Society recognizes that education is part of the foundation for a healthy future. Children with learning difficulties benefit from access to additional resources and supports. Close communication between families, hospital and school staff is essential for children with learning difficulties which may include: inattention, flowed information processing speed, and trouble with organization, reading math skills, and coping with stress.

Our Objective

  • To provide clinical and practical support for kids and families as they navigate cancer treatment or cope with cognitive late effects.
  • By increasing supports for children regarding changes in academic performance.
  • Educating students and families about programs and assistive technologies that are available.
  • Facilitating communication between hospitals, schools and parents.
  • Providing access to experts who can help develop individualized coping supports for students.

How We Can Help

School Liaising

  • bridging communication between school and medical staff
  • recommendations to build on your child’s strengths

 Counselling Services

  • supports with coping strategies
  • supports with behaviors and social skill building
  • Psycho-education and assistive technology supports

Assistive Technology Funding

  • Summer Skills Building Program
  • Parent Workshops
  • Monthly workshops

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