Kids With Cancer Society

Hope now & for the future!


We are so very fortunate to have the ongoing support of parents, friends, family members, and caring individuals from the community who come together to make our programs and services a reality. These special individuals play a key role in the lives of children with cancer and their families.

Here are some ways that you can help our children and their families:

  • Volunteers for special events
  • Accepting donations on behalf of the Society
  • Child care providers
  • Home maintenance (indoors and outdoors)

If you reside in Edmonton, AB and surrounding area and would like to apply for a volunteer role, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Marisa Hemmes: or call 780-496-2459 to get started. Depending on your role, a police check may be mandatory.

Please note if you are seeking to volunteer at the University of Alberta Hospital you will need to contact Friends of University Hospitals