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Cancer in the Classroom

This school visitation program offers an opportunity for children’s classmates and teachers to learn basic and important information regarding their diagnosis and treatment plan. It will provide an opportunity for a Child Life Specialist to clarify misconceptions, alleviate fears, and dispel myths. Each presentation will be designed for the age and appropriate developmental grade level.

Positive outcomes of a school visitation program may include:

  • Clarifies misconceptions and myths about the child’s illness
  • Provides an understanding of side effects and medications (weight gain, hair loss)
  • Gives children permission and reassurance to talk about their friend’s situation, and to address any concerns or fears
  • Empowers the children to educate peers about what they have learned and to speak positively about the child and their illness
  • Encourages teachers and classmates to think of creative and kind ways to support their friend
  • Empowering the student

If you are interested in arranging a school visit for your child please contact Dianne Tuterra at:

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Note: If you live outside the Edmonton area, please contact us to see how we may support you and your school.