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Who We Are

Childhood cancer is the number one killer disease in children. However, their numbers constitute a relatively small number of the total cancer patient population. This has led to a situation whereby children’s specialized needs are too often ignored.

Additionally, cancer is also a disease that primarily strikes adults. But when it strikes children, it spreads rapidly. Without immediate diagnosis and aggressive treatment, it is often fatal. Current forms of treatment can save the child, but may also produce long-term effects that may significantly alter the child’s normal development. For these reasons, we work to ensure that our children and their families have fair and equal representation in all aspects of cancer care, treatment, survivorship, and disease investigation.

The Kids with Cancer Society (KWCS) begins its journey with families at diagnosis with a trained parent who delivers a bag full of necessities for the hospital stay. Following initial contact, KWCS addresses other critical areas faced by our children and their families that are often missed—such as the emotional, social, and physical issues brought on by treatment.

KWCS also consider the whole family as one unit—stronger when together and strive to strengthen that unit in all areas including support, research, advocacy, and long-term survivor issues. As such, families often describe KWCS as a ‘lifeline’ during their journey with cancer.

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1979 - A group of concerned parents knew that something had to be done! The fact was that their children had cancer and they felt alone. They quickly realized that as most people diagnosed with cancer were adults there were virtually no programs or services that addressed the specific needs of the child. So, on December 13 in 1979, this collaborative effort led to the establishment of the Kids with Cancer Society. From the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond, KWCS provides vital services during their greatest time of need.

2009 - Funding for our programs and services are received primarily through fundraising activities, grants, and private donations. Because of the generosity of the community, in October 2009 the Kids with Cancer Society House was opened at 11135 84 Ave – just a block away from the hospital. The House offers a home-like environment for families to relax in, connect with other families and to access support programs, like counselling. Today, we continue to maintain a strong relationship with parents and the medical professionals who treat our kids in order to identify programs that will be of maximum benefit to our children.

TODAY - More than 34 years later we are proud to say that children and their families are no longer alone. KWCS continues its today because no other organization provides the necessary resources to adequately address the needs of children with cancer and their families for supportive care, or for research. All programs and services initiated by KWCS are designed to either enhance or create new opportunities, while at the same time ensuring that there is no duplication or overlap of resources and services.