Kids With Cancer Society

Hope now & for the future!

Operating Costs

We are passionately dedicated to our children and are committed to developing an infrastructure that will ensure that our funds are directed to programs and services that will assist children in their battle against cancer.

In 2019 the Kids with Cancer Society hopes to raise $2,468,000 in support of the 50 programs and services provided to children with cancer and their families. The operating costs are estimated at 12% and will include salaries, and general administration costs. We do not solicit telephone donations or participate in telemarketing.

How does the Kids with Cancer Society maintain low costs?
We keep a small staff (we only have 4 full time employees), a large volunteer base, and our goal is to obtain products and services through donation whenever possible.

How does the Kids with Cancer Society decide what programs and services to fund?
By working with our parents, and through close communication with the medical team who treat children with cancer, the Society is able to identify priorities and fund only programs that will have the greatest impact.

Do other organizations provide the same or similar programs and services?
All programs and services initiated by the Kids with Cancer Society are designed to either enhance or create new opportunities while at the same time ensuring that there is no duplication or overlap of resources and services.

Where does the Kids with Cancer Society receive its funding?

  • Corporate donations
  • Individual donations
  • Employee donation programs
  • Memorial donations
  • Cash sponsorships
  • In-Kind sponsorships
  • Community Events (such as golf tournaments, head shaves, school bike-a-thons, dinner/silent auctions)

Community participation in our 3 signature events:

  • Beaded Journey Gala
  • Tour of Hope
  • Revving up for Kids

Note: We do not participate in telemarketing.

What is the Kids with Cancer Society’s Charitable Registration number?
It is 88640-1397RR0001.