Kids With Cancer Society

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Does everyone diagnosed with childhood cancer have access to the KWCS programs and services?
Yes. All children and teens ages 0-17, regardless of when they were diagnosed, have access to our programs and services. The society supports those who reside in Northern Alberta, and the Northwest Territories, CANADA and who are currently, or have been treated for, childhood cancer.

How does the Kids with Cancer Society decide what programs and services to fund?
By working with our parents, and through close communication with the medical team who treat children with cancer, the Society is able to identify priorities and fund only programs that will have the greatest impact.

Do other organizations provide the same or similar programs and services?
All programs and services initiated by the Kids with Cancer Society are designed to either enhance or create new opportunities while at the same time ensuring that there is no duplication or overlap of resources and services.

How do you support schools and educational issues?
Our “Brainworks” program aims to identify and address learning difficulties associated with treatment before they become a life altering challenge. This initiative includes consultation and assessment of the child in order to identify potential problems, tutoring, and interaction with schools.

Do you support the whole family?
As we believe that the diagnosis affects the entire family, many of our support programs include siblings and parents.

Do children and families pay for any of the programs?
No. All programs are supported through our fundraising efforts; there are no costs to families.

Is the KWCS a registered Charity?
Yes—Charitable Registration No. 88640-1397RR0001.